BRC/IOP Global Standard for Packaging Issue 4 Manual Published

Certification against Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 4 has commenced on 1st August 2011. We have published the BRC Standards Issue 4 Manual. The manual describes how manufacturers will comply with the requirements of the BRC (Issue 4, August 2011) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). The manual also includes: Codes of Practice; Protocols; Recommended Systems. Our manual covers all the Global Standards aspects with references to the individual quality manuals.


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The manual includes:



1. Senior Management Commitment and Continual Improvement

1.2 Senior management commitment

1.3 Organisational structure, responsibilities and management authority

1.4. Management review

2. Hazard and Risk Management System

2.1. Hazard and risk management team

2.2. Hazard and risk analysis

2.3 Exemption of requirements based on risk analysis

3. Product Safety and Quality Management System

3.1 Product safety and quality manual

3.2. Customer focus and contract review

3.3. Internal audits

3.4. Supplier approval and performance monitoring

3.5. Subcontracting of production

3.6. Documentation control

3.7. Specifications

3.8. Record keeping

3.9. Traceability

3.10 Complaint handling

3.11. Management of incidents, product withdrawals and recalls

4. Site Standards

4.1. External standards

4.2. Building fabric.

4.3. Utilities

4.4. Security

4.5. Layout and product flow

4.6. Equipment

4.7. Maintenance

4.8. Staff facilities

4.9. Housekeeping and cleaning

4.10 Waste and waste disposal

4.11 Pest Control

4.12 Transport, storage and distribution

5. Product and Process control

5.1. Product design and development

5.2. Packaging print control

5.3. Process control

5.4. Product inspection and analysis

5.5 In-line testing and measuring equipment

5.6. Calibration

5.7. Control of non-conforming product

5.8. Foreign body contamination control

6 Personnel

6.1 Training and competence

6.2. Access and movement of personnel

6.3. Personal Hygiene



Health and Safety Policy

Food Safety/Hygiene Policy

Ethical Trading Policy

Environmental Policy


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