IFS Releases ‘Unannounced IFS Food Checks’ Program

IFS Releases ‘Unannounced IFS Food Checks’ ProgramIFS Management GmbH will offer the new IFS program “Unannounced IFS Food Checks” from today, Tuesday 7th January.

The aim of the unannounced IFS Food Checks is to verify whether a food producing company complies in daily operations with the processes which were audited during the IFS Food audit, thus ensuring food safety and quality continuously.

The IFS Food Check is carried out without notice and without preparation time on the part of the company and takes a maximum of one audit day.

Basis of the unannounced IFS Food Checks is a checklist of 90 criteria, which have been selected from the IFS Food version 6 standard. This checklist serves as a guideline for the auditor. The focus is placed on the review of the IFS Food standard requirements, in particular the requirements relating to the implementation of HACCP and the general health and pest prevention. The document review will be limited to the most essential.

The participation in the IFS program “unannounced IFS Food Checks” is voluntary. The necessary pre-condition is that the company either holds a valid IFS Food certificate or has applied simultaneously for the unannounced IFS Food Checks and for an IFS Food audit at a certification body.

The IFS Food Check is done without notice and is planned, conducted and evaluated by the IFS Management GmbH. The implementation is carried out independently from the certification body responsible for the announced IFS Food audit. Auditors who conduct unannounced IFS Food Checks will be assigned by IFS Management GmbH. The IFS Food Check can be passed or failed. There will be no further differentiation such as A, B, C, D, Major, KO ratings.

A successfully completed IFS Food Check allows companies to demonstrate their continuous fulfillment of the IFS Food standard requirements in their daily production routine.


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Materials: IFS Management GmbH

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